Rusty Gull  

 A little history - A North Van Gem in Lower Lonsdale !


Bob & David's idea was to loosely model their place after the pubs of England and Ireland, friendly neighbourhood locals, where good conversation and a good laugh was the main form of entertainment. In Sept 1983, The Rusty Gull Pub was opened and is to this day a staple of the North Shore.

The Gull decided to focus on live music in addition to its cozy pub vibe, as the North Shore was an entertainment wasteland. In the early 80's and for the past 28 years the Gull has been a supporter of only the best in live music. Over the years the Gull's tiny stage has hosted a wealth of musical talent from the big names in music to the unknown.

As the lower Lonsdale area evolved into a trendy residential area because of the best views over the water to Vancouver, the Gull quietly changed in small ways, yet always kept its appeal as a neighborhood pub. When the Gull opened, drinking alcohol in pubs was not permitted on Sundays, this rule changed prior to Expo 86. All pubs were required to close at 11pm and the maximum pub capacity was 65 patrons. Now the gull is open till 12am on weekdays and 1am on Friday and Saturday with a huge open patio area and great live music many nights.

The Gull has been known to have the best food to be found in any pub. It has won many Readers Choice Awards for the best Food, Drink and Entertainment.

The Gull is proud of its wonderful staff each with truly unique personalities. Many thanks to all our old regulars (some have been around since day one), and to all our new friends. We are all proud to have been your living room for this long and we all look forward to another 28 years.

“The Gull”. Great vibe, great food, fun and friends. Your home is where you sleep; the gull is where you live. Join us today - cheers!

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